Image: The West Australian 
Clothes have the power to make you feel good
Hello, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m Sylvia Bogdanowski and I’m the designer and founder of _BAIS.
In a past life, I was a fashion stylist and _BAIS was actually founded because I noticed that my clients all had the same fashion problems; closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. 
They were all missing those building blocks of a happy, loved and functional wardrobe and not feeling the best about themselves. 
You’ve been there haven’t you? Maybe you’re there now. I hear you.
_BAIS is designed to fill those gaps and be the foundation of your wardrobe, with a stylish edge. Every garment is effortless, not weighed down by trends and can be dressed up or down, making your wardrobe work even harder for you.  
Every piece has been carefully created with the _BAIS Babe in mind (that’s YOU), to help complete and elevate what you already own, making you look and feel innately stylish, no matter what your body shape.
With a nod to quality over quantity, each _BAIS piece is timeless and made from the highest quality fabric, designed to not only be a dream on your skin, but also on our environment. 
At _BAIS sustainable and ethical practices are the norm  
We want to be part of the solution not the problem. Sustainability to us means treating people and the planet with care and respect, being careful and considerate of environmental impact and constantly evaluating how we do that. This is a process that will never end and is embedded in _BAIS and the way we do things.  
How are we sustainable?
We are not a fast fashion label, nor do we follow trends. There are no ‘seasons’ at _BAIS. Each design is carefully created and constructed with intention and longevity in mind. Our pieces are timeless, with a wash and wear philosophy. Take care of them and they will serve you season after season.  
The majority of our fabrics are sustainable (but not all – always a work in progress!) such as organic cotton, hemp and linen. This means less pesticides and water is used to grow the fibres, as well as using majority of the plant to make the fabric (no waste!).
We also do not make large quantities of garments. Each piece is made in limited numbers and some are only made to order.  Fabric is ordered on an ‘as needed’ basis and is cut by a laser machine to minimise off cut wastage. If there is any fabric left over and it’s no longer needed, it is sold on to hobby sewers.
And last but not least, the cherry on the fashion sundae is that we use Earth Packaging compostable bags to deliver your goodies to you. That means a reduction in plastics that will still be here in 200 years’ time. Can we get an Amen?!
Design and manufacturing process
Every single piece is designed with purpose by Sylvia.
Will it suit most body shapes?
Will it go with other items a woman typically has in her wardrobe?
Will it stand the test of time and not go out of ‘fashion’?
Can it be dressed up or down?
Every _BAIS garment has a story to tell and is named after someone special in Sylvia’s life.
The whole cycle of making each _BAIS piece also supports local Australian industry, from fabrics, manufacturing and haberdashery and 100% of our collection is cut and sewn in Perth, Western Australia by our amazing manufacturer. We have a high level of transparency in the supply chain because we are dedicated to local production and always will be. By keeping things local, you can rest assured that everyone involved was paid a fair wage and did not suffer to make your clothing.
We want you to sail through life with comfort and confidence in your style, knowing that you have purchased from a brand that is conscious of its impact.