We want to be part of the positive change in the fashion industry rather than add to the problems. Sustainability to us means treating people and the planet with care and respect, lightening the environmental impact as much as possible and constantly evaluating how we do that. This is a process that will never end and is embedded in _BAIS and the way we do things.  

We are not a fast fashion label nor do we follow trends. Each design is carefully created and constructed with intention and longevity in mind. Our pieces are timeless, high end, with a wash and wear philosophy. Take care of our pieces and they will serve you season after season.  

The whole cycle of making each _BAIS piece supports local Australian industry, from purchasing fabrics, manufacturing and even haberdashery. 100% of our collection is cut and sewn in Perth, Western Australia. Local production allows us to ensure that we have a very high level of transparency in the supply chain.

We want you to sail through life with comfort and confidence in your style, knowing that you have purchased from a brand that is conscious of its impact.